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24th July Update

 News on how the Coronavirus will affect our holidays





To try the Gala experience we invite you to come with us and see for yourselves what we are able to offer. Based on this experience we are confident that our holidays offer the best value for money available in the market place and you can be confident that your booking will be in safe, experienced hands


We are pleased to arrange Bowling Holidays to suit both individuals and groups, matching your needs and requirements with the very best in accommodation, services and travel.


It is a fact that at Gala we appreciate that the best form of advertising is personal recommendation so we do go out of our way to ensure that the holidays we provide are the holidays our guests want.

Those who have entrusted us with their travel arrangements come back time and again with around 80% of all our bookings from repeat guests.


We know that if you enjoy yourselves on a holiday that is good value for money, with as much or as little bowling as you personally want, then you are going to go home happy and come back to Gala next year.


If this is the approach that appeals to you come and try The Gala Experience !



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